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Welcome to Publishing Services!

We are Messe Frankfurt’s publishing house – which puts you, the exhibitor, on the page at your best.

Be it trade-fair catalogues, magazines or daily newspapers: we make everything public and cover for the purpose a broad range of services involving every aspect of print. From the realisation stage, featuring ground-breaking ideas and outstanding contents, to approval of the print-outs, to release of the final production with new technologies. In short – we are your all-rounders!

It is good when you know what you want. Everything else – that’s our task; and we have been doing it for more than 30 years.

Blog posts

The greatest dynamic in life is change. Nothing just happens by itself. The world is changing, we have to do it too. The exhibitors and […]

5. May 2020 | Thomas Zeller

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IAA 2021, do gehts weida! “The show goes on”, but from 2021 onwards, in Munich (or ‘Minga’ as it likes to call itself). We congratulate […]

12. March 2020 | Katarina Tolo

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One-five-six-four = 1564ade This isn’t someone’s smartphone passcode ­– nor their credit card PIN 1564 is the year a revered elder statesman – an institution, […]

4. March 2020 | Katarina Tolo

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Not only in 3D but also in real it is time to say a big thank you to our longtime customer ARTEC 3D. We have […]

3. March 2020 | Thomas Zeller

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