Made for touching!

16. January 2020 Autor: Thomas Zeller
Kategorie: Layout & Design, Print & Production

The accompanying brochure for “Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper” at Paperworld 2020.

SonderschaubroschüreThe smarter, the more mobile and the faster the world gets, the more we want to experience genuine and lasting things with all our senses. Whatever we experience, design or print out on paper has at least one dimension more and leaves a deeper effect behind it that anything produced digitally, says Angela Niestrath in the editorial to the brochure for the special show “Mr. Books & Mrs. Paper.”

Publishing Services has designed and produced the 30-page brochure. The special show and accompanying brochure is meant for the stationery trade and offers a multitude of ideas and themes, such as how to make sales areas into shopping experiences. If we have awakened your interest and you wish to benefit from the really interesting ideas, you can order the brochure online at as a free pdf file, or just come to Frankfurt from 25 – 28 January 2020 to Paperworld and experience the special show with all your senses.



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